123HelpMe.com Review

I’ve found this resource when searching for essay writing service for help with a boring topic and the most loveless subject of mine “Environmental impact of clean meat” (I don’t eat meat!).

First impression about the resource

I decided to write a 123helpme review because the 123 help me site like other writing companies offering custom essay help online. I examined the pages more attentively. Thus, I’ve found several principal features differentiating it from other websites: here you cannot order written papers, be it a term paper or just an essay, if you need to cope with the assignment quickly. It is only the resource providing samples of writing for the topics. Students can use such academic paper to rely on the stage of research. I want to admit, 123helpme website is not much help when you need prompt assistance, but there are several options which can be of great use for students. As for me, most attractive of them are:

  • optimized search for assignments related to your topic and title (including exact phrases, number of pages, word count, or categories);
  • a chapter offering tips for writing giving access to a set of articles explaining how to deal with some problems in various types of writing from essays to term papers, including writers’ block tool;
  • draft analysis offering verification of grammar, conciseness, and even logic.

I was much impressed by these additional opportunities, but then I detected more details of collaboration with were not that exciting.

How much do the free papers cost?

The only free cheese is that in the mousetrap. Free help with writing announced on the first page is a myth: though I’ve not noticed any fee per page on the home page, having just activated the button Get Started, you will see the real cost of their writing services. It looks like a trap. For two days you will have to pay 2 dollars which is announced as “special offer available only today”. Anyway, there are several tariffs for the customer’s convenience. If you plan intensive studying for a month, you will find their “1-month tariff” most helpful with the fee of $29,95. It’s not much if you ARE satisfied with the quality of academic paper you pay for. If you desire to study is even more serious, you can get “3-month tariff” for only $59.85. The most economic pleasure of access to all the documents is offered for the annual payment of $119,40. The assistance is indeed rather cheap, but if you need a quality essay or original term papers, this site will not be helpful.

Customer support performance

Before buying my paper on 123helpme website, I wanted to contact custom support to clarify several questions. And you know what? I needed assistance when looking for a contact information. On the home page, you will not find any phone number or Live Chat button. You will only find an opportunity to address your question to their representative if you are very persistent. To contact the company you need to fill in the request form pointing your email, and within 12 hours they will provide you with an answer. I had been waiting for mine for 14 hours which means this service provides insufficient support.

How grateful are the clients?

The feedbacks I’ve found on the pages of the website are all positive as they should be that is why I decided to look for the truth outside. Well, on other websites the situation differs greatly because most of the 123helpme reviews are lower than neutral. Very few positively rated the writing service. Some students do not recommend addressing here and express regret about the money wasted on collaboration. Here low quality and plagiarism were the most frequently mentioned drawbacks. Though some people noted the importance of vocabulary tool, keyword generator, correspondence to a decent privacy policy, discounts, and tips on good essays.

Who are the Cinderellas writing the papers?

If you are eager to know who is the author of your 123 help me essay, this is the wrong site to address you “write my paper” request. My attempt to find any information about the writers, their qualifications or rating was not successful. This is one of the websites which will not entrust you information about the source.

The moment of truth

I hoped the quality of the papers included in the paid list will differ from that in the free one which you can observe having just visited the home page before the authorization. Willing to “make the best deal”, I paid $2. Unfortunately, this didn’t influence the result a lot. Again, I saw the list of “good essays” corresponding to my topic in which three first checked written papers were original for no more than the free ones (about 17%). I didn’t expect to detect plagiarism. This writing company 123 helpme will not help you get an A.

123help me website provides insufficient assistance. The assignments I addressed to were properly structured, and grammar was ok (at least the first part as I chose not to inspect them and not to rely on), but they were far from what I appreciate in academic writing. What’s more, the site only provides information for your research which is too little. That was not the kind of help I had been looking for my research papers.

Due to many controversial points, we can’t recommend 123Helpme.com, so you can use other more qualitative writing service