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It is true that I do not always get the proper answers of my questions with lots of logical solutions from the elders or superiors to solve my problems. This situation becomes more critical when my teacher assigned me a topic to write about because I have to maintain a tight schedule with my routine work, and I am not an expert in writing enough to satisfy my teacher. For an example, some days ago I was assigned to write a critical appreciation on “Is China a Communist or Socialist country?” with a short deadline, and I was in a fix with this topic indeed. Thus, I had to search for a good tutor who could provide me an excellent paper that could satisfy my teacher.

Searching online

There are many sites exist on the web who provide solutions to the students or learners. Prior to selecting an online question and answering site your mind might be burned with many questions like – “is the site legitimate or scam?”, “Would that site be able to maintain my deadline?”, “Would the tutors provide quality work?”, etc. These questions are logical indeed as I have faced lots of the similar problems while seeking for a good and smart answer for my desired questions. In addition, I have visited lots of sites who advertise them in social media and also in respective TV channels but I was totally disappointed with their services.

Finally, I got a new online question and answering service named Although this online question and answering service was a new site I got a better service from them. Now I would like to share my personal experiences regarding their service that I experienced from them.

Live Chat

First of all, I needed to know about their system and pricing. But there was no price list on the landing page of the site. I tried this kind of services for a first time and did not have a good idea about how do they work. Immediately, I asked a question through their live chat option and within seconds I got the reply from them, and it was the first impression which led me to take their service. I must appreciate their 24/7 customer support as they clearly answered all the questions that I asked them. tutors reviews

Register & Order

It was very easy to place an order and to register with The site was easy to navigate as well. You need to submit an email along with the question and that’s all. Instantly, you would find that many relevant tutors are ready to answer your question. Now the choice is yours whom you prefer. You have the chance to talk with the tutors directly about the requirements, prices and deadline. tutors reviews

About Tutors

I have seen that all the tutors are highly professional and hold qualified profiles about the respective subjects. After placing an order I could see many experienced writers on the chat list and some of them are having PhD degree. As my topic was more critical, so I preferred Dr. Lovinda (PhD) an outstanding tutor, and discussed with her about my needs and deadline. Finally, I got the copies from her before the deadline with quality work. tutors reviews


I asked two pages within one day deadline. They charged me $51. I must not say that the price is very affordable for me as I was a student. Although the price was a little bit higher I was satisfied with the papers they provided. On the other hand, as a new customer I got a discount. If I think about the quality, the price was alright. tutors reviews

Customer’s review is also included in lists and earns an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in a comparison test of six writing services. I am also highly satisfied with the first impression and experience of If there would be a feedback system, I would give them five stars. I found very few grievances from the users about their services.


The services on this site that I appreciate are their support, writers and the quality of work. To sum up, I would like to add that I have had a positive experience for site. Their service is good enough and as a customer of them, I am highly pleased with their service. I hope, you will not only read my write up but also will give a visit the site to check the deep truth of my words and I can assure you that you would also appreciate my choice.
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