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Hello everyone! My name is Tim and I am a student of the Faculty of Business. I participate in a number of extracurricular activities, but most of all like to play tennis, for achievements in which I have a scholarship. I represent my college team and like most athletes, I simply do not have enough time for academic work – if I’m not training I have a match and vice versa. On top of that, I do swimming and running. Despite this, no one has excused me from doing homework, so somehow, I am meant to find time for it too. I come from a working-class family, so I simply can’t afford to lose my scholarship because my parents would not be able to pay for my education otherwise. Until recently I somehow managed to complete all the assignments in time on my own, although it did take up the vast majority of my free time. I sometimes even had to sacrifice a night’s sleep. This, of course, means that due to a constant lack of time there was no possibility of maintaining a relationship or visiting any house parties. I did miss out on quite a few good ones! review

I wouldn’t normally be the type to be writing reviews, but I feel I have to share this review with you to show how my life was literally transformed. That is why I am writing this EduBirdie review for you!

First Impression

One day, when searching for solutions to my academic hardships, I came across the website, whose services seemed promising in helping me overcome my difficulties. I decided to give it a go after my professor assigned our group quite a challenging essay on Adam Smith. I would’ve attempted it myself. It’s just that I had an important game coming up, which we couldn’t afford to lose, while the essay was due on the day of the game. Needless to say, I simply had no time to complete it.

How EduBirdie Works

Panicking was not an option, so I thought I’d ask my teammates how they coped with the workload and always seemed to look fresh in training. Quite a few of them referred me to I knew they were getting high marks in classes, so as soon as I got to my room, I started searching for the reviews of this service. Having read a few positive ones, I went to their website. It immediately occurred to me that there was no superfluous information or motivational garbage that I was expecting to find. It is very user-friendly and straightforward, just for people like me who have no time to read manuals, rules, terms and conditions and suchlike. I quite liked the cool design and easy navigation as well.

How Does EduBirdie Work And What It Offers?

There was a quick registration process, after which you can place an order and there is no need to confirm emails immediately to start working – you can do it later!

Review of EduBirdie Order Form

  • My first step. I chose the type of paper, typed in my topic, chose a subject from the list, indicated the number of pages required and chose my deadline.
  • Step two involved choosing whether the assignment should be written from scratch, rewritten or edited. EduBirdie gives you the option to choose writer quality too. Finally, I inputted my citation requirements.
  • Step three lets you give some final paper instructions, so if you have any specific needs or wishes, don’t forget to include them here. Lastly, you upload your files and either choose from the variety of preferred writers or let the system pick the best one for your order. Then you click Proceed to bidding.

Immediately the service starts looking for writers and gives you quite a few options to choose from. I chatted with a few and discussed some details with them. I ended up choosing the most experienced one in my subject.

I visited her full profile and reassured myself with quite a number of positive customer reviews. Having confirmed with her that she is prepared to take my order and complete it on time, I entrusted this particular assignment to a subject expert.

The Review of

Coming from my background, I know how hard money is earned. So, I was pleasantly surprised with a price tag of $51. I realize this might not be the cheapest price on the Internet, but the fact that each work is thoroughly checked for plagiarism, which meant that a unique paper would make my essay stand out and help me earn top marks I need. As I noticed later, the price also depended on the urgency of the assignment. But even with a few days left, it’s not too big a sum considering the quality of produced work.

Therefore, I could then embark on necessary training in a calm state of mind. Two days before the game I checked my email and there it was, even a bit before the deadline. It was a complete and top quality piece of work, and I had plenty of time to read through it and later managed to present it exceptionally well in class. It was an interesting essay to read as well for once! Professor commended me for my efforts. As a bonus, later that day we came out on top in a very difficult game of tennis because I had nothing bothering me and could give 100% of my concentration.

Review of EdiBirdie Benefits

Final Words

Therefore, the pros of that I would highlight are intuitive navigation, cool design, responsive support available 24/7 and, above all, high-quality work which brings you top grades in the class. One of the very few cons I can think of is the pricing. The prices may not be the cheapest around, but you get your money’s worth.

From then on, I have trusted even the most challenging texts to the service, and its writers have never disappointed me. They show real professionalism. Thank you so much for making students’ lives more bearable! Thus, at the end of my EduBirdie review, the last thing I have to add is that it is a legit and trusted service that I would recommend to each of you!


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