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Hi everyone! My name is John. I am a student of the Faculty of Economics and get an athletic scholarship. I play football for my college team. Like most athletes, I do not have enough time for study, because all time I’m busy with training and competitions. But, of course, no one released me from doing homework, so I have to find the time or the way of its implementation, if I want to continue to receive the scholarship. I usually cope with all tasks on my own, although I spent on it all my free time and sacrificed a night’s sleep.

But one day my professor gives me assignment to write an essay on the topic “Economic and philosophical ideas of Karl Marx,” and everything would be fine, but I was waiting for important competition, that need a lot of training, and protection of the essay was scheduled for the day after the game. I just had no time to write the essay.

Panicking was also impossible. So I immediately asked my team mates, who learn well by the way, how they cope with their homework. And they almost unanimously called me Edubirdie site. I had no need to doubt in their words, so I visited the site when I came to the student hostel. So, what I liked most on that site, is the fact that they have no unnecessary and distracting information. It was created for people who need their work to be done, who do not have time to read motivational articles and other things. In addition, website design and easy navigation also caught my attention.


Few words about placing the order

To place an order I had to register. The entire process of registration, including a confirmation by e-mail, takes me less than two minutes. That I needed to write my topic, demands to its content and presentation, choose subject, number of pages and establish deadlines. review


I had 5 day for implementation of this task, so I wasn’t worrying about it, I was sure that essay will be done in time. So I started search of writer and at the very first second I received three letters from writers who are online, well orient in my subject, and ready to discuss some details with me. review

It was a good sign and makes this site more trusted for me. In a first 20 seconds I found approximately 20 online authors, each of them already wrote me a message in chat. I decided to choose writer, who had 782 completed works. review


I visited her full profile and was really surprised with customer’s feedback. There were so many comments with thanks and every customer estimated works of the author on five stars out of five. review


So I wrote her message to find out if she’s ready to take my order, and she wrote me: “The instruction sounds clear. I assure you a well-researched and 100% plagiarism free paper. Kindly accept my offer for a quality paper before deadline. I am an expert in this field”.

It sounded pretty convincing to me, so I have no hesitation to entrust this work to an expert.


Affordable prices is good advantage


Truly said, I was expecting to see prices from 120$ to 200$ per such essay, and was pleasantly surprised with price 72$. But of course, price is not the cheapest in Internet, but they do not copy write or rewrite the works, so the work is worth it. As I noticed later, price depend not only on number op pages and topic, but also on deadlines. If I needed that work in one day, not in five, it would cost me 108$. Not much actually. review

So, with a calm heart and a clear conscience, I went to the gym with my team, and the next day left for the game. Arriving in the evening after game at the hostel, I checked e-mail, where was my finished and high-quality essay. It was sent one day ago, so instead of five days, the author spent a little more than three days. I have read the information to understand the topic better. Everything was written lucidly. It was interesting to read my own essay. Of course, I got the highest score for this work.


To summarize, I want to highlight the main advantages of


  • cool design;
  • easy navigation;
  • nice and friendly stuff;
  • professional writers;
  • plagiarism free works;
  • any deadlines;
  • affordable prices;
  • free time for enjoying youth.


From this time I will trust the most difficult task to this company. I am pleased with the work of website and professional writers. They make students’ life much easier and more saturated.


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