There are many online companies that offer various services for college students nowadays. Essay writing services are one kind of them. For a busy student, it is essential to have yourself registered at one of these websites, in case of emergency. Professors at university demand high-quality papers, and with limited time, and deadlines around the corner, it is difficult to turn around heavy assignments. It is good to take help sometimes, as you save a lot of your personal time doing that.

Many companies offer to write academic and research papers. One of them is that I am going to review today. It is true that you should not decide to order from anywhere until you go through the consumer reviews properly.

Coming to, I tried their services quite recently when I had a lot of assignments for submission in a short-term. I will review all their services and features one by one:

Services Offered have a simple website which is easy to understand and navigate. They have mentioned the entire process of ordering clearly. How to make a purchase and how to proceed with the payment, everything is specified. But the negative part is – the prices. They have listed the price of an essay to be $30 and an academic paper as $300, but it’s not clear how the price is built. Then they say you can choose how much you want to pay for your essay because the writers on their website will ‘bid’ for your project. I expected to get some more clear estimate on my essay.

Customer Reviews

On their website, you will come across positive reviews, but on the web, you can find the real deal. People have mentioned how they scammed them. I did not read the web-reviews, and that cost me heavily when I was forced to buy the low-grade services of The customer reviews are more negative than positive, which is enough of a sign to refrain working with them.


They claim that their writers are qualified in unique fields, and they have professionals to write on every topic. To test this, in addition to my psychology essay I placed a paper for contemporary history analytical essay. Surprisingly, many of the writers who bid on these two projects were the same! How could it be possible? How can one writer be qualified in both subjects with a proficiency of distinction level? It all sounded too fake to me, but I had already paid for the services.

Overall Feedback

When it comes to results, the essay I received at the end of the struggle was nowhere worth the price I paid for it. I paid around $275 for an academic paper, but the outcome was a poorly written piece. Something I could do overnight if I had the time. I was not satisfied with the result at all, and even demanded them to give my money back, but they refused.

Concluding, I received a really bad, amateurish and poor-quality essay. Even the conclusion of it was scribbled hurriedly just in a ‘single-line’. It all just looked too unprofessional to me. Not at all worth the price! I would rather do the work myself than pay them to get this in return.