I have started working three months ago, and at some point, I saw that it is impossible to combine my job and studies. I am either unproductive at work or have no time to write the academic assignments in college. When I vividly sensed the problem, I started looking for the essay writing service that could help me find the solution. I immediately found and addressed them with my request. How can I describe my experience with them? If you wish to know, then keep on reading!

About company is a custom essay writing company that will help you no matter how difficult your task is. The topic of my paper was “How to find the strength to apologize” which I think is pretty easy. I would have written the essay myself if I were not running out of time. As far as I know, the essay writing services like this usually write perfect papers on such easy topics. However, not in my case. I mean it was good but not the best.

Website overview

Before I decided to place an order, I have read a lot of Essay Pro reviews and even decided to check the writers – everything seemed fine to me. The website looked a bit cheap-looking, but I did not pay attention to that. When I started communicating with the customer support, my impression became better. I checked the prices for editing and proofreading and was pleasantly surprised. After reading terms and conditions, the support representative asked me “Are you ready to place your order?” I was. I was hoping that someone would offer any discounts as for the first client, but nobody did.

What happens next is the writers bid your order, and you choose the one you like. I could not find any information on the writers except for the price they offered – no level, no experience. Anyway, I chose a writer and was expecting to receive a good essay. When the deadline came, my email box was empty.

I contacted the customer support, and they said they needed one more day – that disappointed me a lot. I got back to the EssayPro reviews and found out that it is a common practice to deliver the paper not on time. I made a deep breath and waited another day for my college essay. I thought that the company has the writers ready to work immediately, but it turned out it was not quite true because writing three pages during four days is a lot.

The Result

When the day came, I did not receive quality writing I expected. Yes, it was plagiarism free and well formatted. However, it did not correspond to my own level of writing. It seemed as if a student from school wrote it. I received B, and it is not bad, but I honestly expected more. I doubt that it is a legit company and I do not think they are able to provide a high quality academic paper. My experience with the company can be described as follows:

  • The website does not look good;
  • The company does not have a deadline priorities
  • The customer support representatives seem nice, but they do not offer discount codes to the new customers;
  • The papers are mediocre

Read the service reviews carefully – dedicate minimum one hour to finding out what company you are going to deal with. They can help as well as the first impression – mine was not the best at the very beginning, and I should have stopped then.

Due to many controversial points, we can’t recommend so that you can use another more qualitative writing service