Among the various online custom writing services, you will find a name, It offers online essay writing help. I have checked their services and got only dissatisfaction in return. Even the prices are also too high as students can’t afford that much on online writing assistance.

Here I have provided the review of to help my fellow students. Have a glance before opting their services because it is always better to be precautious rather than regretting later on.

Which Writing Services can you expect?

The company claims itself as a lab where original and antique essays are produced by its team of essay writers. When I looked for the facilities they provide, we got the following list:

  • Custom Writing Services
  • Dissertation
  • Essay Paper
  • Essay writing service
  • Research papers
  • Term paper writing

What’s the Best About

  • A student-friendly website- I was impressed by the feature where clients can track the progress of their order. It is a great option as you will get real-time updates on the progress.
  • Easily reachable customer service-The customer service and their guys were great. They listened to my queries and helped me instantly without issues. I hope you will enjoy them too.

Why You Should Avoid

  • Not Worthy– They charge a hefty price, but the final document is not up to the mark. I was expecting good quality essay as they are charging more than other available websites. But I got disappointment only.
  • No Research– The writers haven’t research on the topic and just created random essays.
  • Writers missed the deadlines– The Company also claims to provide track the progress of your work which is a cool feature. I was able to track the orders, but the writers missed the deadlines, and this unprofessional behavior created a really bad

Let us check the scores of this writers and services out of 10.

Quality of Essaylab Writers:   6/10

You can achieve the best quality by paying more, but I don’t feel the difference of paying more. The writers were average, and most of the work they did in the name of essay writing was just re-writing. The grammar was good but not the best for what I paid.

Essaylab Pricing:   5.2/10

The pricing strategy of this company is not great at all. I have some options to choose but I couldn’t because the prices were too high. The students will find it very difficult to manage. I was not at all happy.

Customer Reviews at Essaylab: 5.7/10

I also searched for the previous reviews on the website of this company. Most of the reviews were too old to consider. Some students commented that the writing was just okay, but some were complaining about not meeting the requirements they mentioned.


Being a team of experts, the EssayLab writers failed poorly on my average expectations. Students need original content for their essays which should also be free from grammatical errors. When you are paying a huge amount of money for your essays, you can’t afford such mistakes. The best option for you to avoid these problems by choosing other services.

Due to many controversial points, we can’t recommend so that you can use another more qualitative writing service