Best Essay Writing Service Reviews For 2023

As a student, you have to keep up with a lot of things in your academic life. You create a perfect routine to ensure you’re giving enough time for everything. But college homework can disrupt that flow, especially if you’re not good at writing texts. That’s why we’ve got some of the best essay writing service reviews for students who could use the extra help. These services offer a clear advantage over the competition. 


EduBirdie is an excellent platform for students who are looking for help with essays and other things such as dissertations, term papers, research papers, and even scholarship works. In the EduBirdie review, you can learn more about its pricing, reputation, and additional features of the service.


As the name suggests, GradeFixer can improve your grades not only with its editing services, proofreading, and free grammar or plagiarism checks. You can also order custom writing services and use a free citation or conclusion generator. If you want to try writing the paper yourself, GradesFixer has some free samples that will help you out. .


Studyclerk offers useful functionality for learners. It provides paper services in more than 50 different subjects with various writers to choose from. After submitting an application for a paper, you will receive a high-quality text in terms of content and formatting. You are offered free formatting and page markup according to your academic standards. The online support team will be available throughout the whole paper-writing period.


The best essay writing service review articles emphasize that Samplius provides top-quality service due to the fast execution of work and high-quality content. When you place an order for an essay, you get to pick your own writer. All of them have rich experience in writing texts and specialize in several subjects at the same time. You can contact the writer before applying to discuss all the requirements directly.


Similar to GradesFixer, we found free samples on EduZaurus. They were divided into separate topics, which made it easier for us to navigate. To test out their response, we placed a custom order for 5 hours and got it delivered in time. For more details on the platform, read our full EduZaurus review to understand better their services.


TypeMyEssay has the cheapest prices in our list of essay writing service reviews. It really goes to show how much the company cares for its customers. Among the writing staff, there are many professors who are competent in their field and will help you write a text and format it correctly. The site has many free articles on developing critical thinking and tips on logical and structured writing.


Not only does StudyFaq present a good writing tool, but they also have a tutor option. If you’d like to write the essay with expert supervision, that’s a solution that StudyFaq offers. The site provides cheap aid in various subjects, including arts, science, politics, philosophy, and many more.

Essay Writing Services: How Do They Function?

Have you ever wondered how essay writing services work in general? Who’s going to prepare your paper and what are the things that you can expect? That’s what we plan to cover in this part of the best essay writing service review.

How to Complete an Order?

To get the most out of any paper writing aid, you need to indicate all assignment details. Make sure to include every little requirement so you don’t have to face an awkward situation.

Once that’s done, you get to choose a writer. You will find this elective feature at every site we’ve included here. It’s not something you’ll get everywhere, and that is what sets this essay writing service review guide apart from millions of others. 

After that, set a deadline and wait for your essay to be completed. You will only have to pay when you’re satisfied with the results.

Let’s Look at the Best Essay Paper Writing Services

We have tested out different essay writing services and only after a thorough and detailed evaluation process, we selected the top services for your convenience. We made our choice based on the price policy, compliance with privacy rules, and professionalism of the writers. We also selected sites with the largest number of real positive reviews. This way, you don’t have to waste time searching for decent platforms. 

If you’re using one of the platforms from our list of best essay writing services reviews, make sure to post your review on the website. Working together, we can refer others to the best service. Here is ourranking of the top sites.

  • EduBirdie: 4.9/5.0
  • EduZaurus: 4.7/5.0 
  • Samplius: 4.6/5.0
  • Studyclerk: 4.7/5.0
  • GradesFixer: 4.9/5.0 

Are Essay Writing Services Worth It?

It is up to you how you manage your time. If you have more important tasks or duties, you can save time and secure the services of a professional writer.

But you should consider all aspects before looking for a writing helper. Check out the best essay writing service reviews from our list and consider their prices. If it feels like it’s worth every cent, We suggest you go for it. 

Average Prices on Essay Services in the USA

It is not easy to find a reliable site with favorable prices. But if you have already decided on one, you should remember that the prices vary depending on the details of your assignment. Here are the factors that affect the overall cost of the order.

Kind of the Paper

In our essay writing service review, we mentioned that writers could cover various kinds of essays for all academic courses. But the average price for a text can increase or decrease according to the required topic and essay type. Some areas require more effort and, accordingly, take more time.

Deadline for the Essay

The shorter the deadline you set, the more expensive professional help will be. The main tip of our essay writing service review is not to put off writing your essay until the last minute. This will save your budget, and in case of necessary changes, the writer will be able to edit them in time.

The Length

If you’ve read the best essay writing service review articles carefully, you already know that when submitting an order, you need to specify the number of pages. On average, a single page can cost from $15 – $50. Before ordering, be sure to agree on all the above factors if you care about the final cost.

Our Selection of Essay Companies on the Website

You will find here the best essay writing services reviews containing different companies and recommendations. In our top essay writing service reviews, We mostly try to include companies with native English-speaking professional writers. The authors are professionals in one or more fields. As a result, such services may effectively serve all disciplines.

Is Using Essay Writing Services Safe?

We’ve been making the best essay writing services reviews for a while now. From all of that experience, we can tell you that these platforms are safe as long as you check everything and choose reputable websites. We always list only the safest companies. So if you’re using the sites from our best essay writing services reviews, you are not exposed to any risks. 

First, they are all designed using the latest cybersecurity protocols. Sites have SSL encryption, which you can check by clicking on the padlock icon in the address bar. Each platform has clearly defined rules for the privacy policy and preservation of the author’s documents. All of the selected sites guarantee compliance with the writing requirements. Payment is made after receiving the order, and in case you do not like the result, you can negotiate a refund.

Safe and Fast Payment Methods at Essay Writing Companies

The last step before you receive the order from any essay writing site is making the payment. But which method should you choose? Your first priority must be ease of use and fast transactions. Here is a list of the popular methods that are worth considering:

Credit Cards

This is the most widespread payment method. It’s fast, easy, and convenient to use. The cards will also help you build credit, which you can later redeem for other rewards as well. 

Digital Payments

Essay writing websites from our best essay writing service review also support payments with digital payment software. These are safe systems that you can trust. EduBirdie has its own iOS app, so you can use Apple Pay, which is more convenient.


Discover cards are the best for online payments as there are no annual fees. They are similar to traditional credit cards in terms of use. The advantage is the cashback for loyal customers and fast payment processing.


Cryptocurrency is all the rage now in online payments. It is a virtual currency that is anonymous and decentralized and enables secure and quick payments. 

Pros and Cons of Essay Writing Services

Writing platforms are not flawless. They have their fair share of good and bad sides. Let’s check out some of them based on our best essay writing service review.

The Good Sides

You get invaluable help and save effort. In your free time, you can finish more critical tasks or simply relax and spend free hours with friends. Hiring professional help will guarantee you high grades. You can improve your academic performance with little effort. 

That’s why checking top essay writing service reviews are so helpful. You can order the assistance of pros who will write the best essay possible. 

The Bad Sides

If you choose an unscrupulous platform, there is a risk that the work will be of low quality or plagiarized. Also, you may not get what you expected. That is why, to avoid disappointment, formulate your requirements clearly and choose only proven sites from the best essay writing services reviews.

Are Essay Writing Services Legit?

Yes, such platforms are legit and trustworthy. They all clearly declare their rules in terms and conditions. All of the top websites demonstrate their commitment to privacy policies. You are protected from plagiarized content and your data is kept strictly confidential. Since you are already informed about the importance of choosing only reliable services, you will not come across scammers. Simply select several reviews and spend some time reading them before choosing any outside help.

Why Do Students Use Essay Writing Services?

The reason why college students look for essay writing services is to simplify their lives and ensure high grades. Even working a part-time job might be less stressful for someone than writing an essay from scratch following all guidelines. Here the best essay writing service reviews might come in handy. 

What is the Finest Essay Writing Service?

The concept of a single best service is subjective. You will have to browse through companies to figure out the top one that best suits your specific needs. To make things easier, we suggest that you go through the reliable essay writing service review for all the details.

Why Do We Make Top Essay Writing Service Reviews in The USA?

The motivation behind creating the best essay writing services reviews was to help students avoid fraud. It’s sad to say this, but a helping service market has its share of scammers. During our review, we look for reputable websites that offer legit essay writing services and deliver only high-quality papers. 

The Process of Identifying the Best Essay Writing Services for Our Reviews

You should be curious about how we create our best writing service reviews. We stick to strict criteria for all of our reviews so that every company gets the same treatment.

We find a writing service first and make sure to go through the terms and policies. That way, we don’t miss anything in the review.

We also make sure to place an order and see it through. We record the entire experience from start to finish and include it in our essay writing service review. We take into account the price, the payment systems, the promised speed of writing, the professional characteristics of the writer, and additional services such as formatting, grammar checks, or personalized design of cover pages. Only after that we can recommend the writing services to you.

Writer Assigned Vs. Bidding

We are sure you’re familiar with this already from reading our top essay writing service reviews, but there are two ways you can find writers on essay writing help. If it’s your first time, just take the suggestion offered by the writing service. But if you’ve done this already in the past, you could try the bidding option. In this case, the writers offer their prices, and you choose the most affordable one for your budget. Just make sure you’re checking their essay writing service review based on the feedback and testimonials to find the most suitable writer with the proper experience for your assignment.

What Is The Pre-Written Essay System?

Some essays are already written and waiting to be sold to clients. The question here is, should you consider going for them? We won’t recommend you trust it blindly. There might be some issues with the essay’s originality. If you can verify and check them for plagiarism, you can use this option.

What Do We Pay Attention to Reviewing Any Company?

When we’re making our best essay writing service review, there are some essential points that We always consider. These help me make the best decision in shortlisting the different companies that offer similar services. 

Here is a list of the items.

  1. Benefits and disadvantages of the site
  2. Customer reviews
  3. Terms and conditions and refund policy
  4. Info regarding revisions
  5. Ordering procedure and prices
  6. Quality of the work

How to Be Sure That Any Review Is Real?

We go through customer reviews and every other aspect anytime we’re making an essay writing service review. But how do we know which ones are real? Here’s what you need to look for to be confident in your platform.

  • If both good and bad sides are not present, there is a high chance that the review is fake.
  • If the review is from an actual customer, it will be well written. Poorly written reviews don’t count.
  • If the review is about a writer, We make sure to look for details that help identify them. If that is absent, We consider that as a made-up review.
  • If the review sounds like an advert, you can bet that the company hired someone to write the review for them.

How to Make the Most of the Essay Service?

If you want to take full advantage of any company mentioned in the best essay writing services reviews, here are some tips to get you started. 

  • Ensure that you’re getting what you paid for
  • Use all of the features, mainly the free revisions
  • Don’t expect an expensive service to be the best
  • Go through all of the terms and conditions while paying special attention to the refund policy

What to Do If You Were Scammed?

If you’ve read through our top essay writing service review, you shouldn’t ever be in this situation in the first place. But if you’re still unfortunate enough to fall into the trap, there are ways out of it.

The first thing would be to contact customer support and let them know. If you don’t find that helpful, contact the bank or payment methods company directly and ask for a reversal of the payment. 

How to Avoid Scam Services?

If an essay writing service checks out all of these points, you should be safe from getting scammed.

  • Prices are reasonable
  • The writer’s experience should be more than 2 years
  • A writer should have a mix of positive and negative reviews
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No confusing clauses in the terms and conditions and refund policy

Can Somebody Catch You Using Services?

If you choose the right service from our recommended list, then you don’t have any risk of being caught. But you can still be punished for seeking outside help if your teacher has strict requirements for using professional help. In the worst case, you will have to prove that you are the author of the text.

But the best essay writing help provides unique essays, so getting caught won’t be a possibility. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re done reading this best essay writing service review, then order your perfect paper today!